About FCCC

Who we are

Family and Child Care Connections (FCCC) is a community based, non profit family child care agency located in St. John’s, NL that supports and monitors regulated child care providers caring for children in their own homes. We provide programs and services designed to support children, their families and the child care community.

Our Vision

All children will have quality early childhood experiences that provide for their optimal learning, growth and life long success.

Our Mission

Family and Child Care Connections (FCCC) is a community based, non-profit early learning and family child care organization. FCCC is dedicated to the development and provision of affordable, accessible, inclusive and quality early learning and family child care. Through its Family Resource Centre and Family Child Care Agency, FCCC provides education, support and resources to parents and families and the recruitment and approval of family child care providers.

Family Child Care Agency

As a Family Child Care Agency, Family and Child Care Connections holds a licence that has the ability to approve family child care providers. 

Our Board and Staff

FCCC is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of representatives from CUPW, parents and the child care community. It has a staff comprised of an Executive Director, Coordinator, Home Visitors, an Administrative Assistant and a Playgroup Facilitator. Meet the staff.

Thanks to our funders

Family and Child Care Connections is a project of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) Child Care Fund and the Department of Education Newfoundland and Labrador.

The CUPW Child Care Fund also funded our website redesign project.

We are incorporated as Family and Child Care Connections-CUPW-FRC Inc.

The CUPW Connection

We are committed to helping CUPW members find quality child care for their children. Our programs promote and support quality family child care. CUPW members covered by the Urban Operations and Rural and Suburban Mail Carriers collective agreements are welcome to use any of the programs and services we offer.

The CUPW Child Care Fund

Family and Child Care Connections is an initiative of the CUPW Child Care Fund.

In 1995, CUPW negotiated the right to control and coordinate a $2.5 million fund. The Child Care Fund is administered by CUPW and financed by the Canada Post Corporation.

The fund helps members who have the most difficulty finding and affording quality child care, especially early morning, night and evening shift workers, part time and temporary workers, and postal workers with children with special needs. Money from the fund is used for projects to provide child care services to postal worker families, for child care subsidies and to pay for information and research.

Family and Child Care Connections is just one of the CUPW Child Care Fund’s projects. The fund also supports the CUPW Special Needs Project, which provides financial help for child care and child-care related services for children with special needs and disabilities. The project tries to reduce stress on parents and provide opportunities for children to develop their skills, and spend time in positive learning relationships with other children and adults. Moving On is a sister project that provides financial and other support for CUPW members’ adult children with special needs. For more information about the Special Needs Project and Moving On, you can call 1-800-840-5465 toll free from anywhere in Canada.

Find out more about CUPW’s work on childcare by visiting the CUPW national website.

thanks to our funders
Our funders: NL government, CUPW