Government Grants and Programs

The provincial Government of Newfoundland and Labrador provides financial incentives to Family Child Care Providers who wish to become regulated and approved. Policies are available on the government’s website.

Early Learning and Child Care Supplement

Family Child Care Providers under a regulated system are able to access an Education Supplement with specific qualifications.

Family Home child Care Operating Grant Program (OGP)

The Operating Grant Program (OGP) is available to regulated family child care providers. This program offers parents more affordable child care while subsidizing rates through the Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Early Learning and Child Care Agreement.  Parents pay a set fee per day; child care provider fees are then topped up according to a set rate.

Other Grants and Programs

Regulated family child care providers may also avail of other government grants and programs such as the Early Learning and Child Care Quality Enhancement Program and the Capacity Initiative which offers start up funding for new applicants.