Home Visits

Agency monitors, known as home visitors, are qualified early childhood staff of the Family and Child Care Connections’ Family Child Care Agency who recruit, monitor and support family child care providers. Everyone who submits an application to become an approved child care provider will be assigned a home visitor.  The assigned home visitor will visit the family child care home at least once per month as required by Child Care Legislation or more frequently as required by the family child care provider.

Prior to Approval

Home visitors provide valuable help to child care providers during the process to become approved by the Family Child Care Agency. They help family child care providers understand the Child Care Legislation and support them in gathering information required for the approval process.

Assistance is provided throughout the approval process, which can take from two to six months to complete.

After the approval is completed

The role of home visitor is to help the family child care provider maintain a high quality child care environment. Home visitors are required to visit monthly. They may visit more often if extra support is needed.

Home visitors provide a written report after every home visit to allow the opportunity for positive feedback and reminders of issues that have been discussed. The home visitor also leaves a parent-friendly report for the parents to see there had been a visit.

In addition to home visits, the home visitor supports child care providers by providing opportunities for discussion through telephone conversations, and at playgroups, networking events, and training sessions. These opportunities foster positive relationships between the agency and providers as well as helping to deal with present or ongoing issues.