Provider Playgroups

photo of playgroup room with toys

Provider Playgroup Schedule

Wednesday 9:30 am – 11:30 am. Playgroups for child care providers only (both approved FCCC providers and providers within the community). Contact us for more information.

Family and Child Care Connections offers regularly scheduled playgroups for children, parents and child care providers at our location: #50 Pippy Place in St.John’s.

Transportation for FCCC approved child care providers

Family and Child Care Connections provides transportation to playgroups for
FCCC approved child care providers, as arranged by the home visitor.
Prearranged taxis will come to your home with car seats installed by car seat
technicians. A home visitor will accompany the child care provider on the ride to
ensure children are supervised and in the seats correctly. There is training
available to child care providers who wish to use the playgroups, so they have
the appropriate information on how to ensure children are buckled up
appropriately. Please check the calendar for an upcoming car seat training

The playroom offers a variety of developmentally and age-appropriate activities
for children from birth to six years old. This is a friendly, supportive program
where adults and children can spend time together in a low stress environment.

When you drop in for a playgroup you will find:

  • a variety of open ended, developmentally appropriateexperiences for children’s early learning
  • information and resources on topics like toilet learning, guidingchildren’s behaviour, nutrition, and children’s early learning,
  • support and advice from home visitors who are qualified early childhood educators
  • opportunities for children to socialize with other children
  • opportunities for adults to socialize with other adults
  • access to the onsite toy equipment lending library